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IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have put this software on hold years ago, I still keep it here so someday I can revive it or if one of you want to help me get it going then get in contact please.

Project Description
vsChessMania, was originally released on 1st May 2005, after its original developer Sumit Gupta, release it's first public version. Sumit starts vsChessMania as college project but later he took the project to different level.

VS ChessMania v2.00 was originally rewrite of game. It also see the upgrade of game code from .NET framework v1.1 to .NET Framework v2.0. But when it goes Open Source on 25th Dec 2009, it was upgraded to .NET framework 3.5. The Game's old source code is not available for public release however it is been believe that this code can be recomplied as .NET Framework 2.0 with no or few changes only.

If you like this game, please do post comment or suggestion of improvement. We release this game as Open Source to help spread the joy of "Free" software and help student learn to use technology. Though we believe our code may not be very good standard, but if it works it is useful!!! So let's join hand and to build yet another chess game.

NOTICE: We are looking to relocate the server for more stable process. Also Server scripts will be made open source in near future so you can host your own network server for the game. Currently Internet Game Play is not working. But you still can enjoy it through LAN game play feature if you know the server IP address of hosted game.

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