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VS ChessMania is a simple Chess Game. It was started by Sumit Gupta (now working with Vikasumit) as College project. Simultaneously, he released the software on his website for public download. Within next few months of his public release VS ChessMania see total download of about 10K. This encourage Sumit to continue the development of game and he release the ChessMania v2.0 which is complete rewrite of game and that add ability to change Visual Graphics of game.

VS ChessMania v2.0 now support following feature:
  • Two Player Game from same computer
  • Two Player Game over Internet
  • Change Chess Piece or Background to play game
  • Host your own Game for Internet Play

This game use pure .NET Framework 3.5 to run and every bit of it game is self code. It do not use DirectX for graphic rendering but still works pretty fast. Game can be played using Mouse only. The Menu is available by right clicking on Game board. Which is very much untraditional if you are looking for Game Menu on Menu Strip.

Lunching the game as Open Source is only for better matter of the game. This will provide more feedback about game and hence we will provide more updates to the version. Some of our enhancements that we are looking to add in game are:

1. Change the way Network games are played.
2. Change the Display layout so that it is more user friendly.
3. Upgrade the Game engine to allow game verus Computer.
4. Improve Internet Game play by setting a Permanent Solution for it.

You can learn about this game's future here at Future Of Game

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