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Future of Game

As in any real world entity it is hard to say anything about future. When Vikasumit start this game, they only plan to release the game as Freeware Closed Source Software. But after 4 years of been closed source we open it for public in view that there is at least one person waiting for something that he can start working from to build his career as programmer. VS ChessMania see more than 10K downloads from various sources and from Vikasumit's Official website in combine.

We however are very positive about the game and looking to build this game to a level where it remain easy to plan and simple game. Future of this game might see some of following changes:
  1. 3D interface for game play
  2. Web Interface for game play
  3. Added support for Themes and Graphics
  4. Some basic game enhancements, such as support for various Game Rules for different reasons. We call it as Regional Customization of game rules.
  5. Better Server Release.
  6. Developer documentation for learner.

We are not able to define timeline as time with us is limited and that is the reason we haven't get a upgrade of game in later past. We are not looking for any developer to join us but surely if you are willing to contribute then your changes are most welcome and if your work is better we might invite you to contribute to game as official developer.

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